SuperHumans United Community

creating community of love & support around holistic health

creating community of love & support around holistic health

rediscover how we were meant to live ;)

about US...

welcome to SuperHumans United - a website and community focused on supporting the principles and community of  the SHT (which stands for SuperHuman Transformation).

the SHT represents:

  • a methodology and
  • a movement, a community of support.

we are based out of Las Vegas originally, but have people all over the world!  

we are extremely passionate about living our best lives possible by striving to be as healthy as we possibly can, while supporting each other in the process.

the SHT has thousands of people that we've worked with.  all of our experience an feedback combined is what creates our methodology and community.

we are building this online community to communicate our education, to help facilitate experience, and to support each other throughout the entire process.

why you should join us...

we change lives. 

together we change each other's lives.

this is a website created specifically for US. but it's so much more than a website. it's a network and community of support :)

  • unlike places like Facebook, educational content posted here is ONLY focused on our foundations for health, and nothing else! NO DISTRACTIONS!
  • your personal feed will only contain content relevant to supporting your health, and the topics, groups, and courses that you are a part of.
  • we have the ability to run our own challenges, facilitate experiments, host live calls, and create groups based on courses, interests, and needs.
  • you have the ability to create your own posts with pictures, videos, links,  text formatting, and the ability to categorize so others can find it easily.
  • content is categorized for our convenience based on our foundations for health (real food, sleep, mindfulness, etc.), as well as resources such as recipes.
  • you will have access to any paid programs at a discount whether you pay for a premium membership or whether you purchase a product a la carte.
  • create your own comprehensive profile so that you can interact deeply and richly with others.
  • get to know other people in our community with similar interests, whether close to you geographically, OR globally.

a big thank you...

your contribution will mean everything to us.

we couldn't and wouldn't be here without people like you. as a big thank you for joining us:

  • we'll give you early access and discounts to exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, announcements, or promotions before you share them on other social channels. 
  • exclusive access to live interactions, virtual meetings, and events that won't happen anywhere else.
  • a free SHT car sticker to show your support and sport on your vehicle.
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